terça-feira, junho 16, 2009

rethinking... bach and joão carlos martins

I think it would be no harm to confess that the brazilian pianist joão carlos martins was never exactly among my favorites. And this has absolutely nothing to do with his high quality's professional interpretations. Maybe due to too many not fully explained intersections, per say, between art and politics down here - perhaps our part on mephisto's context.

Anyway, I have just watched a cut from new documentary on johann sebastian bach - that is in post-production these days and is to be lauched by summer'2009 in USA - and felt touched by martins' part. His passion about bach is well known everywhere one goes, but I've never thought this would have such a beautiful connection to the heart of the man that had such a terrible disability preventing him from moving forward with his career as a professional pianist. Very touching. I'm looking forward to catch this film!

Here you have the cut... enjoy!

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